Services Provided By:
• Licensed Medical Doctor certified in Psychiatry (M.D.)
• Licensed Mental Health Professionals 
Coundelors Licensed by the State of Louisiana as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC); Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW); or Licensed Psychologist (Ph.D.)]
• Mental Health Professionals (Master’s Degree Level)
• Mental Health Specialists (Bachelor’s Degree Level)

Services Provided By Our Psychiatrist:
• An Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
• A Psychiatric Re-Evaluation every 90 days thereafter
• Medication Management Sessions 

Services Provided By Other Therapeutic Team Members:
• Individual Therapy Sessions
• Family Therapy Sessions
• Parenting Skills Development Sessions
• Child/Adolescent/Adult Skills Development Sessions
• Social Skills Training Sessions (individual & group sessions)
• Play Therapy Sessions (all ages)
• Behavior Modification Technique Sessions
• Educational Interventions in the School & Home Setting

Bayou Oaks Health Services, LLC
Psychiatric Therapy & Medicine